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National Ski Patrol members are people with a strong desire to help others.  People who want to learn - and use - emergency care skills, improve their skiing or snowboarding, and help make mountain recreation safer for all.  If this sounds like you, fill in the information below then click the submit button.  One of our patrollers will contact you shortly.


Thank you for your interest!




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Please note: reference and/or background checks will be required prior to final acceptance.

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Please describe any first aid or medical experience you may have in the box below.  If you have none, we can train you!  You can learn more about Outdoor Emergency Care by clicking this link ( ) or by talking to one of us.

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Please indicate your skiing ability.  We will work with you to make you the best skier you can be!

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Why do you want to join the Toggenburg Ski Patrol?

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 e-mail the completed form to: or mail to: Toggenburg Ski Patrol, 204 Churchill Lane, Fayetteville, NY 13066